An English Bride In Scotland

An English Bride In Scotland - Lynsay Sands I was given a copy of this book, through Avon and Edelweiss...and since its been a little while since I have read one of Lynsay Sands Historical's, I was intrigued, especially after reading the synopsis. I haven't had a whole lot of luck with her Historical's, I tend to like her Paranormal ones way more. I was shocked when I enjoyed this one so much. It surprised me when I least expected it. It is set in Scotland, so that portion of the story really appealed to this reader. There was quite a bit I loved about this one, but I would have to say this story would top my list of favorites.

Annabel from the age of seven, has lived in the nunnery, and has been in training to take her vows, Only she is eighteen now, and has yet to take them. The Abbess is cruel at times, but Annabel keeps getting punished for small things, and she wonders if she could ever make a good life here. Then her mother comes to the Abby to take her home. Annabel learns that she is to take her sisters place to marry Ross MacKay. Her sister has run away with the stable boy, and now Annabel will have to marry a man she knows nothing about, and is the least prepared to handle running his household. When Ross learns that it will be Annabel to be his wife, he has no idea what to expect. When he sees her beautiful eyes, he is charmed and desires a good marriage with her. Annabel and Ross start to discover a powerful desire that turns into a tender love. However someone is after Annabel, and it will take Annabel and Ross trusting in their love to defeat that which is threatening to destroy them both.

Annabel is a favorite character of mine. She is smarter than she seems, creative at times, and even though she has no idea to run a household, she has many other positive qualities that make her into a stellar heroine. She is feisty, and challenges Ross at every turn (which was very funny to watch). I just love a smart heroine who can turn the tide against the hero. Ross is very stubborn and a bit narrow minded at times, and too over protective (but he has good reason. He is very patient and understanding with Annabel, I loved how sweet and caring he was toward her, and other times domineering at times. But in a very delightful way. There was such a playfulness to this couple's relationship, even though Annabel can be too serious, Ross is anything but.

An English Bride In Scotland is one of my favorite books of hers, and tops her historical's in my opinion. I really enjoyed how this author put these two characters together. There was a bit of a mystery involved, and some suspense as well that added a certain dramatic flair to the story that only increased my enjoyment of it even more. I expected to be bored or just an average enjoyment to come from reading this, but it turns out that I FELL in love with this author once again. I really had a fun time seeing how this story turned out, and boy was I shocked to learn who the true villain of the story was. I don't want to reveal too much, and ruin it for those that haven't read it yet. But let me tell you, you are in for a surprise to say the least. I also liked Annabel and there was a scene, where she became fierce and protective and I just wanted to shout "You go GIRL!!!". LOL. A well written story with a full enthralling plot and sexy characters that is much better than any desert. Full of spice and romance and action....a story that MUST NOT BE MISSED!!!!