The Recruit

The Recruit - Monica McCarty Kenneth Sutherland is a skilled warrior, and wants to be in the Highland Guard more than anything. He is willing to fight and do whatever it takes to reach his goal. He believes in the fight for Scotland's freedom, and fighting to join the elite warriors will be the greatest battle he will fight. His chance to prove himself to the elite warriors and Bruce, will be at the Highland games. He is so focused on his determination to win, he gets stunned upon meeting Mary of Mar. Mary is a widow, and was used by her husband, and the son she never got a chance to mother, barely knows her but she is determined to have him in her life again. When she attends the Highland Games to appeal to Bruce, she finds the most gorgeous specimen making passionate love to a woman. Mary's experience was short and swift and more painful than pleasurable. But when Kenneth pursues her she resists the temptation of a night in his arms. Soon his sensual embraces make her want to risk everything even her heart, just to have him in her life for a short moment. But will Kenneth pursue the one woman that holds his heart?

The Recruit is the sixth book in the Highland Guard series. The Recruit is a story that is a bit different than the others that I have read, but one of my top favorites. The way this author writes her romances is simply magical!! You can never go wrong with Monica McCarty, from the very first page you are instantly pulled in. I love that I know that when I read this author, I know that it will be a compelling story and I won't have any problem getting into it. So for those that have never read this author...YOU ARE MISSING OUT!! I guarantee that once you pick up this author, you will fall in love!! :) There is nothing that you won't like about her stories. They are the epitome of what makes a romance story superb!!

The story starts out with seeing Mary and how determined she is to survive, despite the betrayal of her husband, and the loss of her son. Mary was a character I came to admire so much. Strong willed, caring and passionate about life. She craves love but knows she will probably never have it. Then Mary and Kenneth meet and fireworks. Kenneth is like a bull dozer when it comes to something that he wants, and he wants Mary. The exchange between Kenneth and Mary is priceless, and thus begins a rocky romance. This story is packed with ups and downs, and seeing the rewards of fighting for what you believe. I loved the vital emotion that just erupts from this story and threatens to consume the reader! So much intensity and passion, and a love story to break your heart. A sizzling tale of desire, determination, and fighting for the one you love~~STUNNING!!