Caressed By Ice

Caressed By Ice - Nalini Singh Brenna Shane Kincaid, after being kidnapped and tortured by a serial killer, is vulnerable. Brenna has been violated especially by her mind, and she can sense evil very easily. Brenna is one of the Wolf Changelings, but ever since her kidnapping she hasn't been able to shift, only use her claws and teeth. Brenna wonders if she will ever regain her wolf, for she feels lost. Having older brothers, who are very over protective and she want's to have space and freedom back. Judd Lauren is a elite soldier of the Psy, and now having defecting from the council and the ranks knowing he doesn't want a future of having doing terrible things in the name of the Psy. Having been silenced ( feeling no emotion) he is a cold unfeeling being, however when he meets Brenna he finds his cold nature melting away. Passion and desire ignite between Brenna and Judd, that shock and delight them both. Judd unused to what he is feeling, feels the silence slipping away from him, and desiring the touch of the one woman that fires up his passions. Brenna seeks Judd at first to help her with what has gone on in her mind, however she seeks more with him than just mental assistance. She starts to care for him in a way that she never expected of a Psy. But will their connection and love they find together be strong enough to survive the upcoming dangers that could destroy everything they have built and what they have found in each other?

This was the first book of Nalini Singh that I have read. I wanted to read this Psy-changeling series in order, however since this one came through the library, I might have had to wait weeks, and I wanted to read her books, and I found that even though I wished that I could have read the series in order, I didn't need to. I can usually figure things out pretty fast, and I did with this one. It was a intense love story that mesmerized my senses. Brenna was the kind of heroine that I always love reading, her kind of character creates a kind of conflict that I love reading and enjoying their journey of healing. She has been defiled and treated abominably yet she remains strong, and despite her brother's wanting to protect her. Brenna doesn't want their protection, despite her love for them. The one that she wants protection from is the cold and ruthless Judd. I also enjoyed seeing how despite how cold he is at the beginning, he definitely starts to heat up throughout the rest of the story that captivated my attention. He knows that Brenna needs touch often, so he tries to accommodate her, to help her in her challenges, but Judd never expected to start feeling. I also loved the love scenes between these two characters, definitely heated and timed perfectly throughout the book. I am so glad that I finally was able to get drawn into the world that Nalini Singh has created and I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series!!!