Visions of Heat

Visions of Heat - Nalini Singh Faith Nightstar, is a F-Psy, having the ability to foresee the future and has been using her gift she was three years old. However of late, she has been seeing visions of blood and murder, and knows that it can't be a good sign. But despite the fact that she has a powerful ability, her mind is very fragile, and can't stand to be touched, or she could overload and her fear is that she would die because of it. Then she goes in search of Sasha, knowing that she is a fellow Psy that won't betray her to the council. But as she escapes the compound that she has been shielded in for most of her life, she ventures out into the real world, not knowing what to expect. Then comes face to face with the Changeling Vaughn D'Angelo, who is drawn to Faith, despite his distrust for the Psy. Vaughn, the moment Faith enters their domain, stalks Faith, not fully realizing how drawn he is to her. But while Vaughn is intrigued by this one woman, he knows he has to be careful because of the fragile state of her mind, but he senses that she is stronger that she even knows. However there is a danger to them both, for the Council will not voluntarily give up such a asset as Faith is. But will they be able to overcome all that stands against them to have a future together?

Visions of Heat is one of my favorites of the series, and I am so glad that I got my hands on this sensational read. I loved reading Vaughns story, and it was a wonderfully written story that I delighted in. Vaughn a jaguar changeling and part of the DarkRiver pack. Due to certain circumstances in his growing up years, Vaughn is more animal than man, more so than most changelings. So when he meets Faith, he distrusts her at first, but there isn't a cold scent that he despises in most Psy, and knows that she is his mate and yearns to teach her emotion and pleasure that can be found in his arms, but knows he must tread carefully because of her fragile state of mind, not wanting to cause more harm than good, but knows he can't wait too long to satisfy the demands of the animal within him. Visions of Heat was like many of the other books in this series, a sensational read, that had me hard put to ever put it down until I finished it. I found the plot to be mind blowing, the characters engaging and real, and filled with such suspense, mystery and passion that I had a hard time keeping up, with such action packed romance that will have you spinning in sensations. Definitely another winner in my book!!!