Branded by Fire

Branded by Fire - Nalini Singh The DarkRiver Sentinel Mercy, seeing all those that she looks up to and admires, involved with their mates, leaves her in need for one as well, even though its frustrating to no end on how happy everyone around her seems to be, but Mercy feeling a bit lost, until Riley Kincaid, starts to work with her to find a young researcher that has been kindapped. But as they get closer, the heat between Riley and Mercy becomes near explosive, with both dominant, they wonder how this could ever work between them, because if the mating heat comes, Mercy knows that she could never submit to Riley, which could destroy her in the end.Branded By Fire is defnitely one of the most heated of the Psy Changeling Series, of course they are all filled with romance and passion, however this story is a bit different than the others. Both characters are part of two different packs, and they are both dominants, and one or both will have to become submissive for their mating. As with all this series that Nalini Singh has created, I found it hard to put down, and kept flipping the pages as fast I could read them, taken into a world of adventure, intrigue, and wild passion that will smoke up the room with heat. I definitely enjoyed this wild ride that Singh has taken this reader on, ensnaring me on this endearing story of how love can be found in least expectation scenarios, filled with surprises and mysteries along the way. Definitely another one that I have fallen in love with in this author!!