Eternal Craving

Eternal Craving - Nina Bangs Jenna Maloy comes to visit her sister, worried and concerned for her, so when she comes to Philadelphia, she never realized how much her life would change. Al is having a hard time learning to control his urges and instincts, having only been put into a human body only a few months ago, the hunter in him hard to keep in line at times. So when he meets Jenna, his urge to mate becomes only stronger whenever he is near her. Jenna, is shocked when she realizes what Al really is, and the kind of life her sister has chosen, to help save the world, and despite the dangers to herself, she knows that she will make the same decision to stay with the man that she matter the cost. Eternal Craving is the second installment in the Gods of Night series by Nina Bangs. Having already read the first and most recent books in the series, I have always wanted to read this one, so I couldn't find it in paperback so I decided to get it in E Book form. I have just loved the idea of this series, shape shifters who turn into dinosaurs, definitely a bit different than your usual shape shifting genre. Eternal Craving is a sensational read, with mystery, danger, passion, characters that are captivating and a plot that will draw you in until you addicted to this world that Bangs has created.....A Stunning Read!!!!