Breaking Point

Breaking Point - Pamela Clare Natalie a journalist, goes down to Mexico, to investigate issues with a school, but her party is attacked by a drug cartel, and is kidnapped and put in a dark cell with sorts of insects and her fear of small places escalates, but a calm voice in the dark, settles her and she knows she needs to think of a way to escape if she wants to survive. Zach, a SEAL, has been a captive of the Drug Cartel, when he gets betrayed by his informant. For the past six days he has been tortured, and he knows he will soon be killed. But when he hears a woman's voice in the cell next to his, he stays strong for her sake. Then Natalie and Zach find a way to escape, and they flee the cartel, and Zach uses everything he knows to keep Natalie alive. As they are on the run in the deadly desert, with all manner of dangers, a sizzling chemistry erupts between Zach and Natalie. The enemy that is after Zach and Natalie, will do everything in his power to destroy them, no matter the cost. Will Zach and Natalie be able to survive,,,

I was able to win a copy of Breaking Point in a giveaway, and I was thrilled. It was a while ago, and I can't believe that its taken me this long to read this. I have read Clare's historicals (which I recommend), so I have been curious to see how her romantic suspense series would turn out. Even though this is the fifth installment, I never felt lost or out of place too much. Although I do want to read the earlier books now after reading Breaking Point. Breaking Point has a very intense beginning that sweeps you away right from the first moment. There is not one dull moment in this story. There were so many things that I just adored about this story. It has been quite some time since I enjoyed a contemporary so much. I tend to be a bit picky about them at times. Breaking Point begins with Zach and Natalie being thrown together trying to escape and survive in Mexico, with not knowing who to trust.

Zach has a dark past, one that haunts him, one where he blames himself, and suffers horrible nightmares. Despite the torture he has suffered, Zach is still the strong image of a Navy SEAL, however I loved seeing the vulnerability that we eventually see from him. You feel a kinship to him, and when you learn of his past, your heart just goes out to him instantly. Zach is very Alpha Male if there ever was one, has a commanding presence and takes control of every situation. In the beginning we see Natalie being kidnapped and seeing one of her closest friends being killed, so we see her vulnerability from the beginning. However you see how strong she is, and I am pretty sure I wouldn't have to courage to do what Natalie did. Even though she is afraid and knows she will probably die, she throws caution to the wind, and just fights back and I loved that about her. She is one of my favorite heroine, she is tenacious, strong willed and passionate about everything she does. Seeing Zach and Natalie together, is such a sweet experience. There is definitely enough desire to go around to put the desert to fire, but I also enjoyed seeing their emotional connection grow as well.

Overall a thrilling romance that will set your teeth on edge in excitement and anticipation. It will rock your socks off!!! I am addicted to this suspense I team series, and I can't wait to read the others in the series, especially if they are even close to how good this one was!!! A amazing story of danger, adventure, intrigue, and passion and a love story to ignite the flames!! REMARKABLE AND IMPOSSIBLE TO PUT DOWN!!!