Seduced by a Highlander

Seduced by a Highlander - Paula Quinn Isobel Fegusson comes to England with her brother's for the King's coronation. But one day, out walking, she stumbles across a handsome highlander who is charming and simply irrisistable and a danger to any woman. But then Isobel finds out that they are enemies. the MacGregors killed her father out of revenge for her father killing Tristan's uncle. Isobel and Tristan are forbidden from seeing each other by their own kin, however Tristan finds Isobel irrisistable and searches her home out, ends up injured and spends quite some time with Isobel and her brothers, and their feelings for each other are stronger than any feud...Seduced by a Highlander is the second installment in the Children Of The Mist by Paula Quinn. I have always enjoyed reading from Paula Quinn, but I have just loved this series so far.... such a great plot twist to the story, with mystery, romance, intrigue, and a intensity about the story. The characters throughout this book were very engaging and have met their match it seems as their interaction with one another is explosive at times, the passion between these two is sizzling. Such a gripping romance that will have you at the edge of your seats...Definitely deserves a 4 1/2 in my book.....such a charming tale with such well portrayed story that will take you back through time to medieval two words COMPLETELY WONDERFUL!!!

My Favorite Quote
"Ye are the delight of my heart. I would give up anything for ye; my honor, my kin, my life. I want to take care of ye, provide for ye, hear yer laughter, yer voice every day. I will no' give up until ye are mine, so ye might as well marry me now and save yerself the trouble."