The Stolen Princess

The Stolen Princess - Anne Gracie The Stolen Princess is the first in the series, and I found it to be so addicting, I could hardly put it down. I wondered what this one would be like, especially since the last one I read was good, but didn't have me so enthralled like this one did. I love how charming this one was. I just absolutely adored Gabe. Gabe is not pure Alpha, he is so much better. He likes to take control and loves to be obeyed (he is a man and was in the military right?) and Callie just never does. She defies him on every turn, it aggravates him so. Which I found to be very amusing. These two just danced around each other, it was pretty hilarious. Callie was the type of heroine that I admired at times and got frustrated with at other times. Most times I liked her, she has gone to hell and back trying to protect her son, and I really liked that about her. But she is also afraid of her own shadow at times. But I did enjoy seeing her grow a bit more throughout the story, and become stronger and more sure of herself. I loved how she ended up fighting for Gabe and to keep him in her life. Now about the little boy Nick...I have to say I was utterly charmed by this mini scoundrel. He is so cute with the little phrases and how at the age of seven still fights for those that he cares about. Made me wish I had a child just like him. LOL. Overall a charming story that had me totally into the story from the first chapter, and I could hardly put it down. The way Gracie writes her story is just brilliant, and I loved the little intricacies this author displays. The plot was exciting and I was on the edge during many parts. I loved the way this story is weaved in such a way that makes you want to join in on the adventures. The love story was endearing and emotionally heart wrenching, and I loved seeing these two grow as the story progressed. A Winner hands down!! One you don't want to miss out on.