The Accidental Wedding

The Accidental Wedding - Anne Gracie Maddy along with her five young siblings, are all orphans since their father passed away. She has been living in a small cottage making it by on honey and the garden. When she finds a stranger slipping from his horse and falling on his head. Knowing that she just can't leave him out, she beings him inside her cottage, and stays by his bedside. When he wakes up, he has no idea who he is, and is injured and recovering from a fever. Maddy knows how dangerous it is to have this man in her home, but there is something intriguing about the man that only draws her closer to him. When Nash Renfrew finds himself in the care of a young woman and five children, he is fascinated by her caring nature. When his memory does return, he doesn't at first tell Maddy, wanting to kindle the desire that is growing between them. Maddy is not at all what he would wish for in a wife, but he wants her in his life even though he knows he could never give her love...but he can give her a life of passion and desire and tenderness.As the fourth in the series, I have truly enjoyed seeing these five friends, who are rakes, but to see love prove them wrong. There is a certain way about that way Anne Gracie puts together her stories. I won't say she is my ultimate favorite author...but I have truly enjoyed reading her works. The Fourth book is Nash's story. I do love a good amnesia story, and this one was well done. Sometimes they aren't always done very good, but this one had a bit more to the plot and I loved the witty humor that comes out of the story. There is also a fun lightheartedness about it that captivated me from the beginning. The five young children were absolutely delightful and they were a ROMP!! There is a instant attraction, but their relationship is more gradual too. We see how much they like each other, but the love side of things isn't instataneous. The level of sensuality was warm, not too strong in the story, but not light either. I felt like it was perfectly balanced along with the story line. The Accidental Wedding proved to be a memorable story that captured my heart from the first page. Definitely worth your time and you will not be disappointed. The only con I could see in this story is it takes a little bit to get into the story, but once you will be hooked! :)

Favorite Quote
He slanted a wicked grin at her. "And am I all right? Nothing broken? In need of attention?"
His head and his ankle were injured: she'd been looking right smack bang in between. Where she had no business to be looking. She squirmed with mortification.
"It doesn't matter," she mumbled
"Actually I'm feeling a bit hot. And I'm sure there's a swelling. And it's aching. Are you sure you wouldn't like to check me?" His expression was pure, laughing devil.
"No, I--"
"Little liar." He reached out a lazy hand, cupped the back of her head, and kissed her.
It was a slow, soft kiss, warm as the morning sun, laced with the dark mystery of the night. Rich with promise.