His Captive Lady

His Captive Lady - Anne Gracie Harry, upon first meeting Helen feels like he has been run over by a freight train. He is instantly mesmerized by her and can't stop thinking about her. He wonders if their first meeting made a lasting affect on her as she has on him. When he purchases a piece of property that would be perfect for his business pursuits he is shocked to discover her on the property he is about to purchase. Helen, recently has suffered a shock, losing her father and losing everything she has known. When she returns home, she is stunned when she is informed that the home she grew up in and was in her family's possession for generations has now been taken in exchange for her father's gambling debts. When she meets Harry Morant, she instantly feels a spark of attraction, but knows that there is nothing she can do for it. She has other major concerns, she has a secret, one that must remain hidden, even from a man that she could see herself sharing a life with. But when circumstances occur that force her into a marriage with Harry, she starts to open her heart to him, a man that could give her everything she ever dreamed of. Lately I have been reading some amazing reviews from books written by this author, and so I was very excited to read His Captive Lady. There was many things that I enjoyed about this one. Even though it was in the middle of the series, I didn't feel very lost at all, and I think it could be read as a stand alone if desired. After liking this one so much, I plan on reading more books written by this author. It starts out with the first meeting between Helen and Harry taking place. We see a instant attraction, and my heart just went out to the hero from the beginning. He has a strong personality but we also see a sensitive side that only makes him even more attractive to me. I really just fell in love with the way he treats Helen. He is very protective of her and isn't afraid of commitment or marriage despite his bad luck in the past. I also loved the vivid way this author writes her descriptions of England, and i just loved seeing these two fall in love. There was also a strong emotional bond that is vividly portrayed. And I will admit on shedding a tear or two. Definitely had its emotionally wrenching moments for sure. There was definitely a enchanting ring to this tale that just had me totally addicted to the charming tale of love and romance. A page turner that will move you on a emotional level. A Delightful tale that will warm you heart and leave you aching to read more from this author!!