Beware a Scot's Revenge

Beware a Scot's Revenge - Sabrina Jeffries Venetia Campbell goes for a visit to her childhood home in Scotland, but at a ball she meets a stranger at the masque ball, and dances with him who rouses up her senses after sharing a sensual kiss that makes her melt into him. But then when she finds herself kidnapped by Sir Lachlan Ross, whom she knew as a young girl. Now the one who is feared as the Scottish Scourge, she still finds him tempting as chocolate, only much more wicked. Lachlan, knows that despite him knowing Venetia as a youth, he knows he must get back to her father for all that he owes him and his clan, for once a prosperous one, now struggling to survive. So he kidnaps Venetia, even though he wishes he had another choice, but knows that this will be the only way to get what is owed to him and to his people, whom he has the responsibility to. So now despite his plans to use her, a fiery passion is discovered between the two, and a tender love that could heal betrayal and hurt of the past.Beware A Scot's Revenge is the third installment in the School for Heiresses series. I have been able to read this whole series, although not in order, and this being my second time reading Beware A Scot's Revenge, and despite it being a couple years since I have read it, I still found myself mystified by such a magical romance. This is my favorite of the series, and I fell in love with both of these in depth characters that were portrayed so well throughout the story. The plot was enticing and exciting, filled with romance, adventure, intrigue and a powerfully portrayed romantic story. This is definitely a first rate romance that will suck you into the story from the first line! So if you have yet to read this one or any books from this author, I would recommend running to the store right now and treat yourself to a 'romantic treasure'.