The Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell

The Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell - Samantha James Annabel McBride has always longed for the love and passion that she has seen within in her own family, and children of her own. When a almost accident puts Simon Blackwell in her path, she doesn't know if she should run away or draw closer. After sharing a passionate embrace and then having to be married when caught, Annabel hopes that she will be loved in this marriage, however all her hopes are dashed when it is more than obvious that Simon has no intention of sharing a bed with her let alone a lifetime. Simon after having a tragic past and losing most of whom he loved, is hesitant to be in love once more, and if he lost Annabel he knows he could never go through it a second time. So he goes about trying to avoid her, but her influence is everywhere on his estate, and when Annabel goes about to seduce her own husband, Simon knows he doesn't stand a chance, and when they both find a heightened desire and passion, the rulebook that Simon has placed on their marriage goes out the window, and true love will be replaced.

I found that even though I enjoyed reading Annabel's story, the first half of the book seemed to go very slow and there were times that I had a hard time getting through it. I have read many books of Samantha James and thought that this one I could get through easily, but I was wrong. I mean once it reached a certain point I could hardly put it down, however it was reaching that point that was the problem. I don't kow if it was me or the way the story was written, but that was a big issue for me. But I still recommend reading this book, it was a great read, and I am glad that I did read it. This is a fun series to read, so I do recommend reading it.