A Tale of Two Vikings

A Tale of Two Vikings - Sandra Hill A Tale of Two Vikings is exactly what the title claims, its a story of two twin brother Vikings. Toste and Vagn were born at the same time, twins, they have done everything in their lives together. When they go into battle together, they are both injured and separated having to assume the other is dead, despite the strong connection they have for each other. Toste is taken away by some Nuns, including a Lady Esme, the most beautiful and stunning nun he has ever seen, and has yet to say her complete vows to the church, so of course for him she is available, however Esme is only looking for sanctuary from those that want her killed, not a handsome viking that stirs up her senses. Vagn is taken back to familiar surroundings, and back to Helga -his brothers betrothed. But now they his brother Toste is dead, he notices that Helga the Homely as she once was called, is now Helga the beautiful. So Vagn starts considering the idea of marrying Helga, however she is very high spirited and resistant to marrying him. However these Viking Twins never expected that their greatest battle would be for....LOVE
I have to say that A Tale of Two Vikings is by far one of my favorites of Sandra Hill. I loved the whole aspect of twin Vikings, I mean who wouldn't right? It takes place back in 900 A.D., and it was definitely a witty yet sensual written story. In this story each chapter each trades off to each twins love story, which is neat yet can be a bit frustrating when the chapter leaves you hanging. This is a wonderful story of two twins that have never thought that they would ever settle down, but once they are separated, they start thinking outside the box, and find women of their own, and such a sweet reunion when they find each other once again. Definitely a story you dont want to miss out on, one that will surprise and intrigue you senseless.