No Good Duke Goes Unpunished

No Good Duke Goes Unpunished - Sarah MacLean Mara has been on the run for over twelve years, having to live a life in hiding. Mara was young and desperate to escape a arranged marriage with a man thrice her age, and wanting to have a form of control, set a man up hoping that others would assume he had ruined her, but instead they thought he murdered her. Now twelve years later she has come back to London to offer Temple a trade, one which she knows he won't be able to resist taking her up. Temple is shocked when he finds himself facing the one woman that ruined him. Despite holding the title of "Duke" he hasn't lived that kind of life for twelve years, and is more than happy with who he is. However Temple can't seem to resist Mara, and despite his bitterness and anger toward her betrayal, he knows that she holds the key to Temple gaining back everything that he lost. Mara has many regrets, but her main concern is keeping the boys home together, and will do anything to keep it going, even if it means her ruination and one of the biggest scandals that London has ever seen.

I was able to receive a copy of this book through Edelweiss and Avon publishing. I have been waiting for this one to come out for quite some time. I have to say this one just might be my favorite of the series. I have just started to get back into reading, and I am glad that this is one of the first books I started reading again. I have always enjoyed Sarah Maclean, Her writing style and passion is evident through every story that she writes, and the same holds true for No Good Duke Goes Unpunished. With some books the revenge theme sometimes never goes over well, but I found Maclean's style of plot and the zestiness of the characters only made this theme work quite well, and became a story that was quite impossible to put down. The connection between Temple and Mara was instataneoius from the first page. You see how despite each going after what they each desire, they end up willing to give up everything for the other. A emotionally driven tale that is woven smoothly with the plot that it gives it a spice that only adds to the story even more. A beautifully written gem of a romance that captured me from the beginning, a love story that will curl your toes and sexy enough to fog up the windows!! A remarkable tale of love, forgiveness and the excitement of danger and intrigue.