Seducing a Scottish Bride

Seducing a Scottish Bride - Sue-Ellen Welfonder Gelis has always dreamed of finding love and passion. She knows with her father, that may seem impossible; he tends to kick out her suitors left and right, with no hope of finding a loving marriage just as her parents have with each other. But then she has a dream or vision, where see see a man known as the "Raven", who is in need of her and her love. That he is her future and she will find everything she ever dreamed of in his arms. So she informs her father that Ronan is the man she will marry and doesn't fear the curse of his people. Ronan has lost two wives already, because his family and his clan are cursed and have been for many years. He doesn't see how he can ever escape it. When his grandfather informs him that he will be married, he is resistant until he meets her, and all sane thoughts flee from his mind. All he notices is her beauty and grace, and her strong willed spirit that is full of passion and willing to fight for him and his people. In the beginning he agrees to marry her, but he refuses to bed her and accept their bond; but his bride has other plans for him. Gelis is at first hurt when Ronan rejects her and refuses to accept her as his wife. So she takes desperate action, and seduces her own husband. Gelis refuses to accept his will lying down, and will fight with every breath that their bond is true and the love they can have is powerful, enough to break any curse.

Seducing A Scottish Bride is the sixth installment in this series. I first read the first book a couple years ago, which is Gelis's parents story (which I highly recommend). Its been a while since I have read her, and I have been wanting to read this one, ever since it came out. I know I have skipped 5 books or so, but the blurb totally drew me in and I knew I had to read it. I obtained a copy through my local library. I had seen some average rating for this book, and I was hoping it would be much better than a couple reviews I had read so far, and I was right. Seducing A Scottish Bride is a priceless treasure of a romance set in the beautiful Scotland countryside, where curses, magic and visions abound. The story sets off with Gelis learning that just like her mother, she has some magical ability. She doesn't know it unless she sees a vision of the man who is destined as her lover and future husband. She now has hope of finding passion and love despite her fathers best efforts to discourage many suitors that she has had. Gelis stands up to her father, and insists that she be allowed to marry this man despite the fact that he is cursed. Gelis doesn't fear the curse very much, she accepts it for what it is, and her main focus is loving Ronan. Ronan is very resistant to any kind of effort that Gelis is putting forth, wanting to protect her. However he underestimates her will and strength, and Gelis is intent on seducing him. Ronan didn't stand much of a chance to be honest. In the story, from the very beginning, I fell in love with Gelis. She doesn't take a "No" for an answer. Within reading the first chapter I was hooked instantly. Normally its the hero I fall for first, but I am happy to say for the first time in a while, I admired the heroine first. She was tenacious, stubborn, strong willed, and has dreams that she will fight for no matter the cost. Especially considering the time frame the story is set in, the was very rare. And I loved the way the author doesn't make the heroine overcome the circumstances too much. You see a gentler side to Gelis, who dreams of love, tenderness and desire; because she has grown up in a home where her parents radiated love. Ronan has the tortured hero characteristic down pat. He has lost two wives, his parents are no longer alive, and the only family he has left is his elderly grandfather (who is quite the humorous side character). Ronan is very against his wife in the beginning, the last thing he wants is for her to be hurt or killed because of the curse that he has lived with all of his life. But slowly Gelis shows him that you can't fear the future or what may happen, but to embrace what you are blessed with.

I found this love story a very tender and sweet and yet passionate and suspenseful at other times. Despite the title, its the bride that is doing the seducing and what a amazing job she does too. Seducing A Scottish Bride is a magical tale of two people that need each other, and that their love they keep inside is more powerful than any curse. Once again I am amazed with Welfonder's talent of shaping a story that will bring a tear to your eye and keep you in suspense the whole way through. GUARANTEED TO STEAL YOUR HEART!!