Bride of the Beast

Bride of the Beast - Sue-Ellen Welfonder Lady Caterine Keith has already been widowed twice and isn't eager or willing to go for a third time. Thre is a unwanted suitor who only desires to get a hold of her Scottish stronghold. One whom repels her so and se is stunned when a battle scarred Knight come sto her as a protector. Sir Marmaduke Strongbow is determined to show Caterine the path of her passion....and a everlasting love, where he goes about to claim hold of her heart and her love. Bride of the beast is the second book in the Mackenzie series written by Sue Ellen Welfonder. I have recently discovered this author, and have just loved what she has written so far, which includes Bride of the Beast. Since I love the first one so much I thought I would try and see how I would like this one, and I just fell in love with it. I truly enjoyed reading Marmaduke's was enchanting. I found the interaction between the characters engaging and filled with a emotional intensity that will take your breath away. A most entertaing read!!!