Sins of a Highland Devil

Sins of a Highland Devil - Sue-Ellen Welfonder When the King's man comes to 'Glen Of Many Legends', to inform three clans that have been warring for years, that the time has come to resolve all matters. He informs all three Lairds of each clan that they will have to meet and battle and fight for one clan to reign over the Glen. When Lady Catriona hears along with her brother Alasdair, of these summons, so is full of rage. Catriona is very passionate about her home and her clan and views the other two clans as enemies. But she also knows that the King's orders will mean the death of many. James Cameron has always had a firm belief in knowing that the Glen belongs to him and his clan and not the other two clans. When he is informed, he is outraged, knowing what this will mean. He knows he will have to do all that is necessary to secure this place as his. Then he finds a forbidden love in the arms of Catriona MacDonald, who even though is his enemy, she is also a woman he finds that he can't resist. Her passion and desire only ignites the fire within him, and even though he must prepare his men for the battle to come, he also can't resist the fiery storm in Catriona.Sins Of A Highland Devil is the first installment in the Highland Warriors trilogy. This trilogy is about three women who make a pact with each other to defend their homes and each other, and three proud highlanders willing to fight with everything they have to protect their clans. In the past I have just loved every book that I have had a chance to read by this author. Even though I did enjoy the plot and the story for the most part, I also didn't enjoy it as much as I thought. The main aspect that I had a hard time with was the romance. I felt like it was out of place in this story. I didn't really see much of a love connection, or how it could really happen. There was definitely many heated moments, some that were very sensual. However I didn't see a whole lot of a love story. I think maybe my expectations may have been too high, and so I ended up feeling a bit disappointed. There were times that I felt lost through the story as I was reading, and I didn't see much of a smooth flow of the story. I did however really like the characters, both James and Catriona were priceless. Both warriors in their own way, and willing to fight with every breath. I loved seeing them together, and seeing them challenge each other was unforgettable. I did enjoy the way Welfonder weaves a magical story set in a beautiful Glen that seemed mystical at times. It was also action packed, and swoon worthy at various times, but overall I think it just didn't fully satisfy me. However there were quite a few things that I did like about this one, so I do plan on reading the rest of the series.