A Highlander's Temptation

A Highlander's Temptation - Sue-Ellen Welfonder Arabella is not like her other sister, who is bold and daring when it comes to men or even going after what she wants. Arabella has more of a gentle nature, compassionate, and seeks to please her parents, whom she loves dearly. But she is desperate to go to a island, which belongs to her, and visit a shrine there so that she can make a wish, a plea to find a man to love and cherish and to have a family with. With a absurdly over protective father, she knows it will be near impossible to find a husband. But then with a verbal battle with her father, she gains permission to go. With four bodyguards, they head out on the sea toward her island. But then a huge storm along with a viking ship tears her ship apart, and she ends up the only survivor and washes up on shore. Then enters the hero, Darroc, who finds this woman, who is pale and injured, and takes her to his clan, and gives her the rest and healing she needs. From the first moment she wakes, there is a chemistry between Darroc and Arabella. Even though Darroc learns that she is the enemy's daughter, he can't deny his feelings for her, and knows that his heart belongs to Arabella from their first meeting and will fight to keep her at his side.

A Highlanders Temptation is a delightful story. I recently read the previous book in the series, which was Arabella's sisters story. And I have had this one on my wish list ever since it became published. So I was super excited when I saw this one was finally available at my local library. So A Highlander's Temptation is a sweet romance, and I read it under two hours (which is a record for me). I still can hardly believe that I could read that much, not skimming, and be so enthralled by this romance. The story begins with seeing Arabella's start and Darroc's start and a bit of a background. But not too much, since it picks up pretty quickly. Soon Arabella is in Darroc's castle, and I was very amused by the beginning of their courting dance. Neither of them admits in the beginning how they feel about each other, but then Darroc just up and kisses her when neither of them expect it, and boy does things heat up. Even though there were only a few bedroom scenes, there was a bit of steam, but not over kill either. There was more of a focus on their relationship. I did feel like there should of been more focus on the relationship more. Most of the story seemed to be Darroc having avoidance issues (which was a bit humorous ), but once he got his butt in gear, their romance hit off and you start to really cheer for this couple. There is a bit of a magical element but not too much at all. Just a very light touch, to add character to the story.

The characters in this story were very riveting. There wasn't anything super complicated to either one of them, in fact in was quite refreshing to have two characters that are more down to earth, and are willing to admit their feelings for each other. There was such a sweet feeling to Arabella and Darroc. Darroc is leader of his clan, and is looking for justice for his clan when they were raided viciously by Arabella's grandfather. Darroc has many leader like attributes. He is confident, commanding, and his people are top priority until he meets Arabella. Arabella, is such a sweet heroine, so infectious you cant help but love her. Even though she isn't as strong willed as is the norm, I found her endearing, and I couldn't help but relate to her quite a bit. Arabella is innocent and strong in her desire to find a loving husband. I enjoyed seeing her growth in this story, and seeing how she gradually learns to fight for the man she loves. Their relationship isn't full of roses and daises of course, there is some conflict, but this romance is a sweet story that you can just relax into.

Overall a extraordinary romance that will pull at your heart strings. Welfonder writes a beautiful highland romance that is a page turner and a story to captivate the heart. AMAZING!!