The Star King

The Star King - Susan Grant Jasmine, on her fighter jet, crashes down and then she sees a man..a stranger one who is compelling and becomes forever in her memory. Since then, Jas has never been satisfied with her relationships, for she is always looking back to him whose memory has been burned in her mind forever. Rom, once a heir of the B'kah, is looking for adventure and the one woman who has haunted him day and night. Now he is planning on finding her, even if its in a remote system and in the 'frontier' no less. Jasmine, aches for this stranger who haunts her and calls out to her, so when she see's that he is on TV, she knows she must find him, never realizing that finding him would change her life forever and that he would awaken a love so powerful that she would stand by his side for all time...The Star King is the second book in the Star Series by Susan Grant. This is the first book that I have read by this author, and I am falling more and more for the futuristic/sci fi romance. I haven't read many of them...but I have found quite a few treasures and The Star King is one of them. I just loved everything about this book... I loved the idea that Jasmine is older than most lead heroines are in romances....there was also a freshness about this story and there was the exciting and ever on the role kind of plot, that had be engaged throughout the story. The characters were so likeable, and there was such a sizzling heat to the side of the story....that had me on fire till the very end!!!! A Winner!!!

My Favorite Quote
He needed her with a desperation born of his precarious position at the edge of death, wanted to make love to her while he possessed the strength and passion of life. Her pleasure would be his salvation.