Prince of Wolves

Prince of Wolves - Susan Krinard Joelle, has come to Lovell, Canada, a small town in the Rockies, to find her parents, whose plane crashed in the area years ago but they were never found. Joelle, made a promise to herself that no matter what she would find them so she goes to Lovell to find a guide since the one she originally hired skipped out on her. So when she first comes to Lovell, she bumps into, Luke, who stirs her blood like none other. Luke, is part of a race of werewolves, and has come down from his home in the mountains, to find a woman to warm his bed for the winter, and he picks Joelle, who is the first one to fight him on anything, and he becomes intrigued and drawn to her in a way that surprises himself, and he knows that he must have her, because she is his......I don't think I have ever read from this author until know, and since I just love shifter romances, this book just drew me and the cover is so incredibly sexy that I couldn't resist. I did enjoy the style of writing that Susan Krinard displays but its a bit more detailed and more intense and vivid, and I will admit there were moments throughout where I was totally drawn into it, however there were others where it was such a book to be content in. Overall it was a enjoyable story, one you read by the fire or out in the sunlight on a warm day, a story to be enjoyed but not one that will totally captivate you. Although I would recommend this author to anyone that is looking for an intense and enjoyable romance that will softly carry one away into the world Krinard creates.