Over the Edge

Over the Edge - Suzanne Brockmann Lietenant Teri Howe, has always had a passion for flying ever since she was young. But she has a past that could put her career and her dreams down the toilet, until Senior Chief Stan Wolchonuck comes into the picture, and helps her out when she needed it. Now they are both in the task force for a mission to save those that are trapped on a plane by terrotists that hijacked it. However they must plan the take down of the plan down to every millisecond, so not to sacrifice any innocent lives. Teri is attracted to the Senior Chief, more so than Stan will ever admit. So believing that he is too old for her, and that she deserves someone better, despite his feeling, tries to set her up with Mike Muldoon, who is handsome yet a bit quiet when it comes to women, even though women flock to him. Though despite Stan's efforts in trying to change Teri's mind about him, they share some intimate moments that neither of them can deny, that they are falling in love with one another despite their current mission and the danger that is continuously circling them. Meanwhile we have a sub plot involving Sam Starret and Alyssa Locke, who have butted heads every time they see each other, except when they get kinda drunk they end up in bed together. But will these two couples find a balance in their quest for happiness for one another? And be able to complete the current mission at end?

Over The Edge, is a very intense romance. From beginnning to end we have these two couples, who at first deny what they feel for one another. As those of you who have read this series, Sam and Alyssa always but heads, however they also are very passionate especially with one another, and are afraid to admit the love they share, because it could change everything. Teri and Stan however, their situation is bit different. Stan genuinely cares for Teri, but to Teri's continuous frustration with Stan (who keeps trying to set her up with another man), they start to admit one anothers feelings for each other, and admit that they are best when they are together and not separate. I found Over The Edge to be a satisfying read, albeit a suspensful one at that, but they always are when Suzanne Brockmann is at the helm. Over the Edge also introduces the start of another future relationship between Max Bagat and Gina, whom I have come to adore throughout this series. Over The Edge is intensifying, yet very romantic and definitely one you don't want to miss out on reading, especially if you love romantic suspense fiction!! Suzanne Brockmann is the best of the best when it comes to romantic suspense and she will take you on a thriller ride with Over The Edge!!