The Unsung Hero

The Unsung Hero - Suzanne Brockmann The Unsung Hero takes place in Baldwin Bridge, Mass. with the main characters as LT Tom Paoletti and Dr. Kelly Ashton. I was very eager to start reading this book, I have read most of the series, but I finally got my hands on The Unsung Hero at the local library. Every one who has read this series, probably doesn't love Tom as much as I do. Who is the leader of SEAL Team 16 and really cares for the men under his command. In this book, it starts out with Tom having a serious head injury, he was in a coma for many weeks, and is forced to take a months leave to heal; because the doctors feel he is suffering from Paranoia. When he does return after the month, if he doesn't pass the medical exams, he would lose his command and forced to retire from the Navy. Tom knowing that is the worst that can happen, returns to the home where he grew up, and where he fell in love with Dr. Kelly Ashton. He knows its more than likely she isn't there, but there is still a hope that she may be.
Dr. Kelly Ashton is a pediatrician, a very skilled doctor. Kelly has been in love with Tom since she was 15 years old. She heads to her father's home, when she hears that he has cancer in every organ of his body and isn't expected to live longer than a few months. Her Father, Charles, wasn't ever a model father. For the most part he ignored her, never showed her his love for her. Charles asked for his best friend Joe (Toms Uncle). So Kelly heads over to Joe's house and finds Tom Paoletti instead. She is shocked to say the least, she never expected to find him here; when she knew that he is the leader of a SEAL team and thought he would most likely be on some mission overseas. With Kelly taking care of her father, and Tom living with his uncle for a month; they are drawn together again like moths to a flame. As their attraction and relationship develops, Tom see's a terrorist known as the "Merchant" within the town; he wonders if its really him or if its the paranoia that is getting to him. But when he see's the terrorist a second time at a store buying electrical wire, he suspects that he is building a bomb. He notifies a friend Admiral Crowley, who tells him he could lose his career over this if he is wrong. Telling Tom that he needs to relax and rest. But Tom knowing the risks, calls a few members of his team to come in and assist him.

I very much enjoyed this read, very stimulating and exciting. It definitely got the blood pumping with the sensual passion between Kelly and Tom; and the exciting mystery and thrilling sense of danger that sneaks up upon them. Its also filled with two other sub plots that draw the reader into the story. I found myself never wanting to put this one down, its one of my favorite books of Brockmann's, and of the Troubleshooters Series. I definitely wasn't disappointed in Tom and Kelly's story, and am happy that I have finally read it. It surpassed all my expectations, and its definitely one read you don't want to miss out on.