Flashpoint - Suzanne Brockmann Jimmy Nash has worked in a secret organization, the "Agency" where he has worked with his closest friend Decker. Nash and Decker both resign from the Agency, and Nash drops off of the map. But is then brought into a mission by Decker, a very dangerous yet a mission that is vital, and where one of their team members is none other than Tess Bailey, whom, used to work as tech support with the Agency, and where Tess and Jimmy shared a passionate night, but then Jimmy disappeared. Now they are supposed to work together on a dangerous mission in Kezbekistan one of the most dangerous terrorists hot spots. But there has been a severe earthquake, and they are allowing relief workers into the country. So they are to take advantage of this opportunity, and to get vital data that could save lives. Jimmy is against having Tess go along on the mission, even though her skills are perfect, and she is always wanted to be a field operative. Now both of them are put on a dangerous mission that could cost them their lives if they were found out. So they have to pose as husband and wife, which has them both reliving the passion they once shared with one another, and quite explosive. When things start to get dicey, and they find that they will have to fight for their lives, they rely on each other and the new found love they have discovered and know they must fight with every breath to hold onto it.

Flashpoint, I finished listening to a little while ago, and just remembered that I hadn't written the review, so I thought that I should do that while I still remember impressions that I had on this one. Flashpoint is a bit different as in none of the main characters are SEAL team members. Will Jimmy and Tess having both worked for a black op division for the government, they are more alive than either of them realize. Tess is a whiz with hacking and anything electrical and computerized, and is more than ecstatic at this mission, however despite her deep feelings for Jimmy, she knows having to pose as his wife will be more challenging than she ever would realize, for she is in love with a man that has a but load of secrets, that could never share them with her. So now they they are both put in the Terrorist Hot Spot they come to realize how much they truly care for each other. Flashpoint, is a intense and thrilling read, full of romance and passion with all the danger and suspense that Brockmann puts in her exciting novels. Definitely one you don't want to miss out on, and this author definitely delivers with Flashpoint!!!