All Through the Night: A Troubleshooter Christmas

All Through the Night: A Troubleshooter Christmas - Suzanne Brockmann All Through The Night is a book that takes place around Christmastime, in Boston, Massachusets. Where FBI agent Jules Cassidy becomes engaged to Robin Chadwick, the love of his life. Their plan for their wedding is a small ceremony with just family and close friends, with Sam Starret and his wife Alyssa. But then they receive the news that the President will be attending the wedding, and they have to move it from small and intimate to a large fiasco. But during their engagement, there are other problems that surface, that could put them both in danger and threaten them both. So now the Wedding could be thrown in Chaos.
All Through The Night is my favorite of the Troubleshooter series, since I just love Jules and Robin, but most especially Jules. For most of the books we see him in them, so now we have his and Robins story, and their wedding (and I just love wedding stories) especially involving these two characters. There is also a subplot with their secretary and a research reporter, who has been captured by terrorists and knows how it is to be tortured, and manages to save Jule's life. So in this wonderful Holiday story, we see the true power of love. This was definitely one of my favorite contemporary romances to read, and would recommend this one to anyone that loves a good romance that will bring out the best of stories!!