Into the Fire

Into the Fire - Suzanne Brockmann As with many of the Troubleshooters series, there are multiple sub plots within this book. I listened to this book, which I have all of the Troubleshooters, and will review them all once I listen to them again and their stories are more fresh within my mind. I just finished listening to Into The Fire and very much loved it. It did take me a while to listen to it, since I have been pre occupied of late, but I finally finished it. Yooray For Me!!! It starts out with the main story plot which is with Vinh Murphey and Hannah; who have been friends for ages. Vinh lost his wife some years ago, and still has problems grieving over her death. He loved her dearly and his only friend he ever comes to is Hannah. He comes to her cottage one night drunk as Hannah usually see's him since his late wife's death. Hannah understands because she was her best friend. I remember when I had listened to Hot Target where she dies. I was upset when Brockmann decided to kill her off, but now I am glad that she decided to do Vinh and Hanna's story. It was much needed. Since there is a plot to frame Vinh for the man's death who he believed was responsible for Angelina's(his late wife) death. Hannah knowing she is the only friend he trusts, assists him in his mission to find out what really is going on and the risks involved are high. All the while his other friends(Seals ad Troubleshooters) are out hunting for him so they can find out what is going on and uncover the truth.
Another one of the sub plots is with Izzy Zanella and Danny Gillmann's younger sister who has just turned 18 years old are brought together. She takes refuge with Izzy for the night after her boyfriend leaves and abandons her at a Krispy Kreme. Where they spend one night together, and even though they don't get to third base, Izzy knows he is lost. Much later Danny forces him to marry his sister when she is found pregnant and they assume its Izzy's and even though Izzy knows he isn't the father he is willing to marry her.
Another minor sub plot that we see in this book involved Tess Bailey and Jimmy Nash. Although they are officially engaged, they have yet to set a date. It seems as though Jimmy is trying to force Tess into leaving him; and I have to say I can understand why (and you will too if you read this book) however you can see how much they love each other especially from a earlier book in the series Flashpoint. But you can see how Tess see's through Jimmy and his attempts to protect her although misguided.

I absolutely loved this book, especially since I am a Troubleshooters fan, and I have been hoping that Murphy would find love again after his loss. The main focus of the book is Vinh and Hannah's story. Although I definitely enjoyed the other sub plots; which were filled drama, wit and suspense and very arousing. I loved the mystery and intrigue, the unabashed passion that develops between the couples, and the undermining love that strengthens and fortifies these tender relationships that Brockmann reveals to us. The plot was filled with excitement and thrilling suspense, the characters were highly developed and well portrayed, and it involved most of the Troubleshooters Team and the Seals Team 16 as well; which is always great to see. I was utterly captivated by this book, and would love to be able to listen to it again. I hope to have the opportunity soon!!! This is definitely at the top of my list of good book to listen to and read!!!