Hot Pursuit

Hot Pursuit - Suzanne Brockmann Hot Target is the fifteenth of the Troubleshooters series written by Suzanne Brockmann. The way that I read this one was through audio, and is the usual form of reading I do for Brockmann's books, especially the Troubleshooters series. I have just loved being able to get into these wonderful stories. Hot Pursuit begins with Alyssa Locke and her husband Sam Starret get involved in this story. Where they are to protect a important political figure and her staff, after receiving some serious threats, and this being a close friend to Savannah who is married to one of the SEALs on the Troubleshooters team. Also joining the brigade is a close friend Jules Cassidy, an agent in the FBI and one of Alyssa's closest friends. However throughout this story we also see a couple other side stories involving Izzy Zinella and Danny Gillman, who are also on the Troubleshooters teams and SEALS. In Hot Pursuit, a man referred to as the "Dentist" has been haunting Alyssa and Jules for years. But when deaths start to occur that give clues that he is back, Alyssa has a feeling that she is the target, and that with her husbands and the rest of the teams help, to outwit the one who has evaded them since Alyssa got involved in his case which has been for many years. So hold on to your seat as you go on a thrilling adventure and see some of your favorite characters from this astounding Troubleshooters Series!!

I just love being able to read this book, it was such a wonderful one!! However this is not my first time being able to listen to it. I just recently started a challenge to read the whole Troubleshooters Series, and so this was the first book available so I started to read it "Audio" style. But out of all of the books in this series, Hot Pursuit is the one that resembles a Sherlock Holmes novel more than her usual romantic suspense plots, however despite that, it added a certain spice to the series, that I would love to see more of. It left me in suspense the whole way through, with surprises along the way that I didn't expect, even though it was my second time reading it. I also enjoyed the side stories involving the two SEALs that we have come to love, Izzy and Gillman, who have always been at each others throats for the most part, however we start to see their personal stories to come through, and both leaving me in suspense and wondering what is going to happen in the next book involving these two. I can hardly wait!! So if your looking for a romance with a thrilling plot, a mystery that needs solving, and few romances between some of our favorites, hop on and enjoy the ride that will take your breath away!!