Rules of an Engagement

Rules of an Engagement - Suzanne Enoch Captain Bradshaw Carroway, has a passion for living a life on the see, and loves the excitement and danger that comes from being Captain of his own ship, however when he is ordered by to be a babysitter to a load of Aristocrats, he would rather cut his own tongue out. However there is one passenger that has caught his eye, daughter of a well known historian, Zephyr Ponsely, has been by her fathers side ever since her mother passed away and been all over the world, and is eager to learn how to a lady and learn how to flirt and learn about life and passion. Zephyr is blunt and the desire between Shaw and Zephyr explodes after sharing a sensual embrace, Zephyr keeps breaking all sorts of rules of decorum and such, but would much rather be in Shaw's embrace, than follow all the rules and be miserable, but what she never counting on was learning that giving into personal desires, can lead to matters of the heart, something she isn't prepared for but then ...neither is the confident rogue of a Captain...Bradshaw Carroway. Rules of an Engagement is the third in the Adventure Club Series by Suzanne Enoch. I just fell instantly in love with this story and the characters. The characters alone were full of wit and passion. The story itself wasn't that incredible, however there was a sense of flirty fun throughout the story, that kept me engaged throughout the whole of it. At the beginning both the main characters hate each other, and had me laughing at their interactions with each other, but we see from the moment that they share that memorable first kiss, that things change for them both, and they realize how much alike they truly are. I truly haven't enjoyed such a romance in a while, and it was good to have one that was carefree and full of the cover is utterly charming