The Pleasure of Your Kiss

The Pleasure of Your Kiss - Teresa Medeiros Clarinda is on her way, to her forthcoming marriage to a Duke, one of the most eligible bachelors. Even though she doesn't love him, she cares for him and respects him. She knows that it is time for her to settle down and have a family. On her voyage however, she and her friend end up being kidnapped by corsair pirates. When Ashton is informed by his brother the Duke, that Clarinda Cardrew has been sold into a harem, he knows he doesn't have much choice but to rescue her. Ashton has always loved Clarinda but never felt worthy of her so left her in England, but now he finds out she is engaged to his brother and that she can never be his. However he is the only one that is capable enough to find her and rescue her so he heads to the harem where she is located. What he doesn't expect is to know the Sultan that has possession of her which only results in complicating things further. He never though that he would find himself so drawn to Clarinda, or to find their love rekindled into a powerful desire that could threaten to destroy both of them in the process.After snatching this up from the local library, I was very thrilled to read this one. I have always enjoyed every book I have read from this author. From her older books to her more recent ones, her writing has only gotten better in my view. There were so many things that I loved about "The Pleasure Of Your Kiss". First I want to talk about the characteristics about each characters. Ashton is quite a rake, traveled all over the world and takes pleasure where he can find it. Even though he has a very tough exterior he also has a bit of a soft side once you get past the outer shell. He can be very gentle and passionate. He is a charming character that makes me sigh whenever I think about him. Clarinda I found to be a very spirited character. She is very strong willed, intelligent and independent and doesn't apologize for anything. I truly admired her most of the time. Now the plot was full of intrigue and intensity. I just loved a good harem romance, but this one was a bit different. There was also a side story romance that was charming. I fell completely in love with Poppy and the Sultan. I felt like the way that Medieros puts this book together was priceless. Such a vivid description of a romance that is full of depth and mesmerizing scenes. A uniquely depicted story that will thoroughly entertain you straight to your toes. A Sensual adventure!! (I can hardly wait for Max's story....jumping up and down in anticipation)