Wolf Fever

Wolf Fever - Terry Spear Carol's life changed when she was bitten, and her world changed forever. Now she feels like a prisoner, even though its only for her protection. Carol has been fighting the change for months, something no other wolf has done, due to her pysic abilities. But then she see's a dark stranger in her future, and her blood boils at the sight of him, Ryan McKinley, a Grey pack leader. Ryan, pack leader, has come to Carol for more than one reason, ever since he first laid his eyes on her, she fascinated him, even though he never believed in her psychic talents, she has never been far from his mind. When he comes to her with the purpose of a investigation, a fire grows steadily between them, binding them, and even though he knows its dangerous for him, he knows he could never forget Carol, or be willing to let her go!!!I have really enjoyed reading Terry Spear's books, and I found Wolf Fever to be an equally delicious read. Wolf Fever is the sixth in the series, and can be read as a stand alone, but I would recommend reading the previous book. Wolf Fever starts out in a way that only appeals to this reader from the first paragraph, with intensity and effect. As the story line progresses we see chemistry spark between them, but there is also danger and mystery mixed in with the story to keep the plot interesting and exciting at times, and there is definitely some steamy romance flaring up between Ryan and Carol that will only leave you wanting more. I also loved seeing Carol grow as part of the wolf pack and seeing her intimate relationship with Ryan blossom, into something beautiful and extraordinary. My favorite so far in this amazing series that will heat the blood and the senses.