Surrender of a Siren

Surrender of a Siren - Tessa Dare Sophia Hathaway, flees her life in society and escapes frm what would be a loveless marriage. So she goes aboard the ship "Aphrodite" and gains passage from 'Gray (Benedict Grayson) who is the owner and his brother is the captain. Sopia is planning on being a governess and plans on having a life of her own. Now aboard the ship, with her sketchbook, she is in close proximity with the handsome rogue, Gray, whom tempts her with his tantalizing kissing. However there is a little hitch in this love story....Sophia has some secrets and ones that could destroy everything that Gray feels for her and she could lose everything that matters....
Surrender of a Siren is the Second in the Goddess Trilogy by Tessa Dare. Now I think I may have read works from this author, but I don't remember which ones, and when I saw this one and the blurb, I could hardly resist picking it up even though it I have had it for a few weeks now. Surrender of a Siren suprisingly kept me intrigued throughout the whole story, and I found myself enthralled by the characters and thoroghly charmed. I found myself almost falling in love just as these characters were, the details so vivid. A Delight!!!

My Favorite Quote
He released her just as quickly, but a lilt of the rowboat pitched Sophia back into his arms.
"Steady there," he murmured through a small smile. "I have you" Never in her life had she felt so acutely aware. Sophia felt that delicious, enticing heat, burn through every layer of her clothing-igniting desire in her belly.