Any Duchess Will Do

Any Duchess Will Do - Tessa Dare Griff has no desire to ever marry, he hides a secret that changed his life forever. Despite his mother's will to see him married, he knows it will never happen and plans on the Dukedom to die with him. But then the most unexpected happens, his own mother drugs him and kidnaps him and takes him to Spindle Cove. Her intent is that he will marry any woman there, no matter who she is and his mother plans on turning her into a Duchess. So Griff picks the one woman that would be the least likely to be turned into a duchess...serving girl, Pauline Simms. Pauline has worked hard trying to protect herself and her younger sister, saving every penny so that one day she can open a library, that is her dream. But when the Duke of Halford makes a deal with her. For one week she comes to London, to be tutored as a duchess and if she fails he will give her a thousand pounds-which is a huge fortune to Pauline. Where she will open the doors to her dreams and to live a comfortable and content life in Spindle Cove. However as the week goes by, there is a certain chemistry that builds between Griff and Pauline. Griff knows that if he were to ever pick a woman to love it would be Pauline, but he vowed a lifetime ago to never marry, but will he be able to trust Pauline with his secret...and his heart?Any Duchess Will Do is the fourth installment in the Spindle Cove series. Now I have just fallen in love with this author and this series. Spindle Cove is a place set in regency England, where spinster ladies come to find friends and husbands if possible. In this book, we start off with a Duke being taken hostage by his to say this story starts off with a hitch is a understatement. I love bold and daring stories, and this one beats them all. I found Griff to be stubborn yet sexy and utterly irresistibly charming, if a bit spoiled and arrogant at times. Then you look at Pauline who has had to work for everything which is very little so far, but she still has dreams and desires, in spite of her circumstances. I loved how even though her sister is everything, she is willing to sacrifice a week, to gain a fortune that could save them both. There is some serious tension between Griff and Pauline, and their interactions between each other are priceless. There is enough sizzling chemistry that it will blow your mind. I enjoyed seeing Griff's mom, she was just so fun to see her meddling in her son's affairs, I was SO on her team. All she wants is grandchildren and for her son to find love and happiness. It was such a treat to see Griff almost being double teamed toward the end. There was such a sense of passion and a full range of emotions that can't be helped to be felt by the reader. Its almost like falling in love for the first time, Memorable and breathtaking! A classic tale of how opposite attract in the most perfect way when you least expect it. It will have you hooked until the end.