The Sinner

The Sinner - Margaret Mallory Alex MacDonald, is a very powerful and skilled warrior, but even more than that he is well known for his sensual gifts with women. Since he was young he vowed to himself to never get matter what. But then he meets a young lass...Glynis. Glynis was once married but he was vile and abusive and ending up living back with her father. She has been getting pressure from her father to get married. Glynis has had a miserable experience with men, and the last thing she want to do is get married again. When she meets Alex, his powerful kisses make her go weak in the knee's, and all she wants to do is hold him in her arms. Alex tempts her so verra much, but she knows he has a middle name "Trouble". Then when they are both forced in a situation where they will have to wed. Glynis knows she has deep feelings for this handsome highlander, but can she trust him to love her back? or will Alex end up breaking her heart? The Sinner is the second installment in the series. After reading the first one and I just was utterly captivated, I was very much excited to read The Sinner. The Sinner is the type of story that will curl your toes and give you a feeling of excitement. Alex is a very sexy hero, a skilled warrior and is a very talented lover, able to find a woman everywhere. However once a woman starts to get clingy he flee's as if his clothes are on fire. Then we see Alex so resistant to caring for a woman, and we see it happen. I really loved how this author weaved such a powerful story. This was a very enthralling read, no dull moments in this one. Full of sensual bed scenes, heartwarming love story, exciting battle scenes and a story that will pull at your heartstrings!! A vividly portrayed read that will excite every lover of highlander romances. A MUST READ!!!!!!!

My Favorite Quote
"I thought your first marriage would have cured ye of unreasonable expectations," he said--and knew at once he had made another mistake.
"So, I am the unreasonable one?" Her eyes were narrow slits like a wildcat's ready to strike. "And yet, ye would expect me to mother your daughter, manage your household, and be your bedmate for as long as ye like. And then, when ye tire of having me in your bed, I'm to stand aside while ye have one 'discreet' affair after another with every willing woman in the Western Isles?"
Alex shifted from foot to foot. He did not sleep with every willing woman, but it seemed best not to mention that just now.