Seven Secrets of Seduction

Seven Secrets of Seduction - Anne Mallory Miranda Chase, runs her uncle's bookshop, and has a passion for a good read. While totally captivated in the newest gothic novel, she is interrupted by a stranger who makes her think of silken sheets and temptation beyond her wildest dreams. When there is a mix up in his book order, she heads off to return his book to him. She there learns that he is none other than The Viscount Downing, the one man that is notorious for his sensuality and power. Miranda knows that she in trouble when she reluctantly agrees to take on a project, organize Max's library to a sense of order. Miranda is there day after day, and finds herself starting to feel being seduced, and though there is a part of her that resists, there is a larger part that only aches for his touch. Max, knew that Miranda was the one woman he wants to seduce more than any other. Her sweet innocence calls out to him in a way that he has never known. Miranda finds herself falling in love with the scoundrel who makes her burn, but she suspects he is hiding a secret, a secret that could tear their love apart.For the most part I have truly enjoyed reading this author. It usually takes me a few chapters to get into her books, but once I get fully into them I am totally hooked. This book is the first in her Secrets series. From the first few pages, I was captivated. It started out instantly able to grab the readers attention. There is also such a unique sensuality about this book. Maximilian is total Rake and Rogue type, loves the pleasures of the bedchamber and see's Miranda has unique and has never seduced, he see's her as a challenge. He is very bold and full on sexiness. I found him to be irresistable at times, Miranda I found to be at time a complex character, a liked her quite a bit for the most part. She seemed to be independent and strong willed but also went after what she wanted. Although there were times that portions of the books had flowery writing, I also found that it held a unique freshness about it, that made me only want to read more. There is also such a sizzling chemistry and sensuality to this book. I almost felt like as the reader this book was seducing me as well. Even though it wasn't my favorite from this author, I would highly recommend this to anyone that like a historical romance full of sensuality and freshness that will only entice you!!! A read you don't want to miss out on.