When You Give a Duke a Diamond

When You Give a Duke a Diamond - Shana Galen William, the Duke of Pelham, is adamant in being punctual and formal at all times. That there is always a plan in advance with every detail known. William knows that it is time to marry and beget a heir, as his duty. When he arrives in London for business and to continue his courtship of the woman he plans to marry, his world is turned topsy turvy when he meets Juliette and all the drama that accompanies her. When a gossip column claims that William and Juliette are having a affair, he is outraged, since that would never EVER happen, not in his world. He plans on ignoring the gossips among the ton and carry on as usual. Juliette is rumored to a talented and beautiful courtesan, and is part of the courtesan trio the "Jewels of the Ton". Juliette is very well known and loves the life she lives, but when a danger threatens her she has no choice but to turn to the Duke of Pelham who needs to be taken down a peg or two, and who better to do it than herself? He has a way too obsessive and orderly life, and she wants to show him the joys of chaos...and the power of true love.I can't say how much I just ADORED this book!!! I haven't read this author for a very long time, when I saw this title at my library, I just loved the cover and the blurb and knew I had to pick it up. Boy I am so glad that I did, I would have missed out on a fantastic read that just kept me captivated for a whole afternoon. That's right...I read it in just a few hours (that's means I really really liked it) It definitely had its swoon worthy moments, and sexy and strong but yet vulnerable characters that had me feeling totally captivated. The flow of the writing was smooth and seemed to blend in perfectly and keep the reader interested. I also loved the exciting plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat, wondering what is going to happen next. I also enjoyed the side characters as well, it added additional flavor to the story. The enriching descriptions that are so vivid in detail, this author creates a enchanting setting for any reader to admire. I just love this author's amazing talent of making a story come to life, with witty scenes that just had me bursting out laughing at random moments, that I am sure others thought I was crazy. But I don't care.....I LOVED it!!! Had me seduced from the very first line!!! I can't wait to read the rest of this series, and planning on reading the rest of Galen's books. New top favorite author!!

Favorite Quotes
And then his pride bubbled to the surface, and he took three steps, caught her about the waist, and swung her around.
"Oh, now what?"
"Now this." He lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her. He meant the kiss to prove to her that he could be spontaneous, that he was not as she painted him. But of course, as soon as he kissed her, he started wondering if this had been a mistake and if he shouldn't just go to bed--alone--to prepare for the early morning departure.
And then she kissed him back,
Her mouth moved under his, and she made a small sound like a satisfied cat. And Will forgot all about time and mistakes and everything but the woman in his arms.

"Jealous? Jealous? I am a duke. I do not feel jealousy."
To his utter amazement, she put her hands to her hears ears and screamed. ""If I hear you say I am a duke one more time, I will not be responsible for my actions. Duke's ar enot gods, Will. They are people. They make mistakes, apologize--or at least they should--and feel all sorts of emotions."
"I suppose you are an expert on such matters."
"I have known several dukes."
""Yes, and I am a duke--"
Her eyes widened, her lips pursed. "I" She shoved him. "Warned" Hard "You" Backward.
She shoved him again, and he stumbled against the lip of the tub, faltered, and fell, sloshing warm water all over the floor and soaking his clothing worse than the rain had done.
He stared up at her, water dripping in his eyes. He expected her to apologize, to look horrified, to beg his forgiveness.
Instead, she laughed.