Turbulent Sea

Turbulent Sea  - Alyssa Bresnahan, Christine Feehan In Turbulent Sea is the sixth installment in the Drake Sisters series. Joley Drake is a very famous singer that travels the world and affects everyone with her voice. Joley has great ambition as a rock star, but things aren't always as successful as it may look for Joley. Even though her singing career is sky rocketing, things are definitely about to get a bit rocky. Even though Joley has her pick of men, Joley has always had a craving for the dark and dangerous kind, the kind she knows she needs but can never have. Then Illya Prakenski enters the scene, after bearing the mark that Illya gave her, she craves for his touch and needs him more than she will admit to anyone including her sisters. When a young girl goes missing, she suspects someone in her crew but has no real way of finding her, especially since her life is in danger. When things around her start escalating with intrigue, passion and danger only Illya and Joley working together will be able to survive.

I decided to start reading this series again, especially since I just loved it so much. I have to say though, Jolie's story is by far one of my favorites to read, and this time I listened to it, I also loved both of these two characters, they are so riveting and well portrayed throughout the whole book! Jolie loves her family, but she also loves to sing almost more than anything. But then Illya enters her life, and her blood heats just at the sight of him. She knows it is dangerous to involve herself with a man that is known to be a killer, but she senses no evil from him. So despite the danger swirling around her, she pursues a relationship with a man that she doesn't truly know his real purpose but can no longer resist his touch. This was truly such a wonderful read, and I just love this series. Although its not my favorite, its a enthralling one that will keep you on the edge of a cliff, nerves all bundled in anticipation yet there is also a intensity about the plot and the interaction between the characters, leaving you with surprises that will delight you. Christine Feehan has done it again and has written such a magical world for her readers to be sated with!!!