Dark Wolf

Dark Wolf - Christine Feehan Skyler is determined to save the life of her lifemate. When suddenly one day, with their strong connection, she senses incredible pain from him, and then senses nothing. Then she learns that he has been kidnapped by the lycans, but the leaders of the Carpathians refuse to tell her anything, so she decides to take matters in her own hands. If no one will save him, then she certainly will. With the aid of her two closest friends Josef and Paul, who will do everything they can to save his life. Even though Skler is only nineteen, emotionally she is much older than that. She has suffered more abuse and pain than most could even imagine. Dimitri is her lifemate, and over the years since she first met him, he has been her rock and foundation. They have formed such a strong bond that even amazes most Carpathian couples. Now that Dimitri is in trouble, Skler knows its up to her to get to him. No Lycan would dare suspect a innocent girl to mount a rescue operation. Skyler is willing to risk everything to have Dimitri fully in her life, no matter the cost....

Dark Wolf is the most recent addition to the Carpathian or also known as "Dark" series. Now some have given up on this series, or moved on to other authors, however I haven't. There is something genuine, creative and unique about Feehan's writing and the worlds that she creates. Ever since "Dark Legend" when we first see Skyler, I have kept a eye out for her. There has always been something about her characters that has strung me along. Dark Wolf is a story that I have been waiting years for. And now finally it has come, and I bought this book the first moment I could. And had the hardest time focusing on work, just wanting to get back to read Dark Wolf. The first half or even 3/4 is pretty intense and suspenseful and instantly grabs the attention of the reader. I literally had to use all my self control to put this one down. Its rare when I find a book that pulls me in so completely, I could care less about eating or working or living until I have read it!! LOL Lets just say this book just wasn't long enough. It ended way too soon for me.

I have to say that after reading Dark Wolf, I am almost satisfied. About 90% of me is totally well satisfied as a cat with a bowl of cream with how this story turned out. I loved seeing Skler grow and develop in this story. My main problem was I felt her growth happened way too quickly from who she was at the beginning of the book. I did enjoy seeing Skyer a young woman who has suffered many horrors, gather her strength to save the one man she loves more than life itself. She goes behind her parents back (whom she adores almost more than anything). And of course we see Josef and Paul. Now Josef, oh boy, I do hope he gets his own book. I know he is still very young, but we so much of him and Paul in this one, that you find yourself fascinated with this characters, more than ever before. This trio are as alike as they are different. They are pretty much inseparable, and somehow Dimitri is fine with Skyler have a close relationship with the two. (which pretty much wowed me considering how Alpha male Dimitri is). One of my favorite parts of this story is seeing these three young trio accomplish things that most adult Carpathians would have a hard time doing.

There was quite a bit of action, you might have to tie yourself to your seat or the couch, or the bed, or wherever you may be reading. There is quite a high level of intensity, that will definitely give you chills (but in a very good way) Dark Wolf is a magical story of doing the impossible to save the one you love more than anything. A tale of sacrifice, devotion, passion and a powerful love story to make you feel as if you are falling in love for the first time. TRULY MAGNIFICENT!!! If you have been waiting for Dimitri and Skylers story....GET IT NOW!!! You won't be disappointed.