Duke of Midnight

Duke of Midnight - Elizabeth Hoyt, Elizabeth Hoyt Maximus has been a orphan most of his life, now he is the Duke of Wakfield, and even though he keeps busy during the day with all the responsibilities that come with the title, at night he becomes disguised as the Ghost of St Giles. One evening while searching for the man that murdered his parents, he rescues Artemis and her cousin, who fights him at every turn, and appeals to the male part of him that only wishes to claim her for his own, instead of giving into his obligations that come from being a Duke of the realm. Artemis, is a lady's companion, and even though she is Penelope's cousin, she is still a servant. Artemis is desperate to save her brother, who was convicted of a crime he didn't commit, and is well known as mad. However Artemis knows he is anything but. When word reaches her ears that he has been beaten and is close to death, she delivers a ultimatum to Maximus, one that would sizzle their connection and intensify their feelings for each other. Will Maximus be able to choose love over duty, or will his dukedom be his main concern over the one woman that could make life worth living....

Duke Of Midnight is the sixth book in this fabulous story, of the darker elements of the Regency era. Elizabeth Hoyt is by far one of my favorite authors and I always know that when I pick one of her books I will enjoy myself quite immensely, and so I have been looking forward to reading this one for quite some time. There is quite a bit of emotional tension and I really loved the way this story begins, with a dark night in St. Giles. Duke of Midnight is a story that tells a tale of a Duke that needs love and a gentle spirit to calm his troubled past. A heroine that needs a hero to believe in her. There were a couple of side characters I liked, and the cousin I had issues with, I found her a bit petty and spoiled. Artemis is the kind of heroine, you just can't help but love, she is fiery and spirited, and will do anything to save her brother. She has balls of brass, and I loved her fighting nature, yet has a gentle quality to her that makes her so endearing and very easy to relate with. I saw so many qualities in Artemis that I could see in myself.

The story itself is packed with stunning scenes, intense adventure and a mystery to boggle the mind. Will you be able to find out who is the murderer? Because in the end it definitely surprised me and I loved the way these two characters come together and finally achieve a HEA. It does take some doing, tough decisions to make, a couple ultimatums, and a sensual seduction. Heartwarming and until the very end!!! A ROMANTIC TREASURE!!