Mate Claimed

Mate Claimed -  Jennifer Ashley It starts out with half shifter Iona Duncan, being chased by the shiftertown leader Eric Warden, who has constantly been chasing her of late. Iona, is a shifter without a collar, and refuses to go through the collaring, she wants to be free. However Eric knows the danger that Iona is in, if she doesn't put on a collar, soon her shifter side will take over and her common sense will be gone, and all will remain will be her panther side. However even though Eric's argument is a good one, Iona knows that there is more than one reason for not taking the collar. Iona was raised by a human mother, she never knew her father, and if it comes out that she is a shifter than her mother and sister would pay the price, and she refuses to put them at risk. Even though the chemistry between Eric and Iona is explosive, there is a danger lurking threatning to destroy everything that Eric has worked so hard for both himself and his people.Mate Claimed is the most recent book in this amazing series, that I have just fallen in love with. Jennifer Ashley is by far one of my favorite authors, I have loved each and every one of her books, and Mate Claimed is at the top of my list. We see Eric in previous books, and he always seemed very sexy and HOT to me and I was so glad when Mate Claimed came out, and the cover is just delicious. The plot starts out with a chase of sorts beween two people that obviously have some strong chemistry going on, but are at the refusal stage. As the story progresses, the plot escalates into suspenseful scenes and a plot that will surprise you when you least expect it, and I just loved the romance of the story, there were a few tender moments that were tearjerking, and other moments that could heat up the room and fog the windows. Overall, a well written, action packed filled romance with a love story that will charm any reader!!! A Remarkable Read!!!