How to Entice an Enchantress

How to Entice an Enchantress - Karen Hawkins Kirk has spent the past seven years mourning his wife and staying far away from society and manners. Now he feels he is ready to marry, and the one woman he wants is Dahlia Balfour. He knows that it won't be easy, considering she refused his proposal a short time previous, but he is determined. He knows that they would be a good match. So he goes to the Duchess of Roxburghe, and gains her help. For two months, they transform him into a gentleman (somewhat). When Dahlia sees Kirk again she is outraged and hurt and furious and lets him know it. Kirk knows he is in for a battle, and he will have to use every weapon available to him. Dahlia is still hurt from Kirk's past actions, especially in his dealings with her father. She finds him despicable and she once cared for him, but then he hurt her. Now when she sees him at the house part the Duchess is hosting, he has transformed into a man she doesn't recognize, until he speaks that is. A turbulent battle begins...but who will win and who will lose, and will the prize be true love?

How To Entice A Enchantress is the third installment in the Duchess Diaries, and even though I quite enjoyed this one, it was probably my least favorite. If I had to choose my favorite it would probably be the second one, which involved Dahlia's sister. However despite that, I really had a fun and jolly time reading this story. The main focus was Kirk trying to convince Dahlia to marry him. This story is all about second chances. From the beginning you see how right these two are for each other, if they just let differences be put aside. Kirk is very stubborn and prideful and a touch arrogant, and doesn't believe in love anymore. Dahlia is determined to find true love, after seeing her sisters find it, she only believes that she is worthy of it too. It was fun seeing these two clash against one another, and once they really kissed, all bets were off. There isn't a very strong plot line here or conflict much. Its the kind of story you can just sit back and enjoy and not stress too much about the events that are taking place. There is quite a bit of witty dialogue and cute scenes that engage the reader.

Overall a sweet yet enticing love story that has a certain magical charm that is perfect for any kind of reading time. A delightful romance that will make the reader go weak in the knees!! A SIMPLE PLEASURE!!!