The Christmas Brides: A McKettrick ChristmasA Creed Country Christmas

The Christmas Brides: A McKettrick ChristmasA Creed Country Christmas - Linda Lael Miller Lizzie McKettrick, is traveling home from San Francisco with a prospective future fiancee, and planning on surprising her family with Whitley Carson. But then a avalanche strikes the train they are traveling on and they are stranded witha blizzard outside and not much hope of surviving with a likely chance of them on the edge (which could tip their car over), and another avalanche that could down upon them at any time. Dr Morgan Shane takes charge and Lizzie is drawn to him in a way that she has never been drawn to a man before. Despite their current dangerous circumstances surrounding them, their is a spark that flares between the two, and Lizzie knows in her heart he is the man she would want to spend her life with if they manage to survive.

My Thoughts
I have read most of the McKettrick series, and was delighted to read Lizzie's Story. The four previous books involving her father and her three uncles, are treats to read, as was A McKettrick Christmas. From the first sentecne I know I would enjoy reading, its definitely a heartwarmer for the Holidays. The characters were touching, and although a bit shorter than I would have liked when it comes to a McKettrick book (or any of Linda Lael Millers books) it was still a Christmas delight that will warm your heart.