Night Games

Night Games - Nina Bangs Ally O Neill, has recently gone through a divorce after trying to be a perfect wife for five years. Now with her great aunt Katy, she is a tourist and a famous author on a best selling series. Now Ally wants no man, no matter how irresistable he may be and that includes Brian Byrne. Brian Byrne is from the future, and is a champion of a sex spectator sport, he has come to the past for a vacation and has agreed to have no sex during the duration however when he meets the one woman that resists his charms, he is immediately drawn to her. So even though he has agreed to a no sex clause in his contract, he intends to show Ally what true passion is like, but what he never expected was to fall in love in this game of his....

Night Games is written by Nina Bangs, and I had such a fun time reading this. It was such a fun and witty romance, that I never stopped laughing. Night Games is a bit different than some of the other books that I have read from her, definitely has a humorous ring to romance if there ever was one. Night Games is a very enthralling and sensual read, one that will heat up the room like matchsticks. There was one problem that I had with this book, was that Ally was so gullible at times, she just accepted that Brian was from the future, so easily, that it didn't seem real especially at the beginning of the story, however as the story progressed, it started to become more realistic, and the story became captivating and riveting, that I started to fall in love with it. So overall a humorous and enjoyable read!!!

My Favorite Quote
As she watched, the amusement changed to something else. Something hot, hungry. Dangerous.
"You tempt me greatly, woman"