The Wild Marquis

The Wild Marquis - Miranda Neville Juliana, has worked hard to become a upstanding book seller and shopkeeper. She has had to do much to make sure no scandal could ever be attached to her, and hide a secret that could very well ruin her for the rest of her life. When she meets the Marquis of Chase, she knows that he is big trouble. The kind that would tempt her in a variety of wickedness and pure bliss. She knows she must stay away from him, and with warnings from all of her friends, she know she should be smart. However, she knows he has the money and connections to get her a certain book that she has been searching for, for quite some time. A book that could contain all the answers she could ever need about her roots and true parentage. When she and Chase strike up a bargain, she wonders if she has sealed a deal with the devil himself. Cain, when a teenager, was kicked out of his school by his father, and out of his home when accused of a action he didn't commit. But because of his love for his mother and sister, he knew he must leave. So he has spent his life making his own way, and even though no one in the Ton would accept him into their home, he doesn't care. He lives his life for pleasure and fun. When he meets Juliana he is instantly drawn to her. But will a few nights be enough to satisfy him or will he want forever? This is the first book I have read from this author. I have been wanting to read from her for quite some time now. But I hadn't gotten around to it until now. What drew me into the book was the blurb...and the cover too. But I just love a good disreputable rake that is utterly irresistable. I was surprised expected some amazing read, which turned out to be a little above average. It just didn't sing to me until the second half of the book. My usual rule is if I don't get into it 100 pages in, to just put it down. However I decided to try to push that limit a bit further. I am glad that I did however, because I did enjoy the last half of the book. That is where it got really good. The plot for all of the story was good, but there was just something about the beginning that I had the hardest time getting into. So it took me two days to read which it normally takes me one. I did enjoy the chemistry between Cain and Juliana and I felt like there was enough conflict to keep me interested. I felt like Juliana was a little to bland for me, she just didn't have as much spunk as I expected. Her reasons for resisting Cain I thought was a bit ridiculous at times, but she eventually pulled through and at the end of the book I started to like her LOL. Cain was totally intriguing in every way. He had the seductive appeal, but he also could be very sensitive at times, it just broke my heart to see him struggle throughout the story. Overall a interesting story, that I had a hard time getting into and it took a while, but once I did get into the story I enjoyed it. It didn't call out to me or make my toes curl, but it was a average enjoyable read. I do plan on reading more from this author, see what her other books are like.