The Trouble with Princesses

The Trouble with Princesses - Tracy Anne Warren Ariadne, after seeing her two closest friends, finding love, desires the same. She knows its real and does happen, even if its less common. Adriadne lost her family, and currently staying with her friend Emma, until she comes into her inheritance. She knows she will not settle for anything less than love in a marriage. So realizing that may not happen, she decides to take a lover. She doesn't care about the consequences, she wants to live and to live passionatly. On her quest in finding a lover, she keeps being sidelined by Prince Rupert, who is determined to save her. Rupert is the heir prince of a european kingdom, after Ariadne telling him of her plans, he decides if any man is going to be her lover, it will be him. He won't let her be taken advantage of. So he then begins a seduction, a seduction that turns into a fierce passionate love affair, one where Ariadne will steal away into his heart forever....

The Trouble With Princesses is the third in the Princess series by Tracy Anne Warren. Now I have been a fan of Warren for quite some time, ever since I read her Byrons of Braebournne series. This series has been so much fun reading, and I adored this latest addition. It was put in the category "impossible to put down" within a couple of chapters. I was completely drawn in from the beginning, and I definitely didn't mind at all. The story begins with Ariadne telling her latest plan, to find a lover. She is tired of the tedious life she is living and needs some excitement, well she is about to get some. Then the hero steps into the game, and at first Ariadne refuses him, but when one night he kisses with a passion she never imagined, she decides what can it hurt right? So they begin in lessons in passion. This story was fun and beyond thrilling. There is a bit of intrigue placed in the plot, that will put you at the edge quite a couple times. A romance that is tender and sweet, and dazzles the reader.

The characters in this story were fun and I had no issues with them at all. The hero in this story is Rupert, and boy he was sexy as sin!! I loved his confidence, his strong personality that reeked of command, and the way he puts himself out there for Ariadne. Definitely put him in the top of the "Swoon worthy" hero category. He was delectable and breathtaking and I wouldn't mind trading places with Ariadne. Now Ariadne was a perfect match for him. She isn't a weakling, and gives in easily. She is a fighter that is for sure, especially when it comes to what she wants. She is not afraid of playing with fire, and I loved her insistance on making her own way, and doesn't care about consequences kinda attitude. She seemed to me very easy to like and I was rooting for her all the way. The side characters were fun, and we see the two previous couples from the other books in the series, involved, which only made me want to re read the books again.

Overall a brilliant romance that captures you from the first moment you begin reading! A well done job for Warren, she delivers once again. A entertaining and wild ride of a romance with endearing characters, exciting driven plot, and a story to steal your heart! INTOXICATING!!