At the Duke's Pleasure

At the Duke's Pleasure - Tracy Anne Warren Claire, has been in love with Edward, the Duke of Clybourne, since she was sixteen years old, but then he broke her heart, and even though they have long been betrothed, she has no desire to marry him now. Claire refuses to enter into a loveless marriage, because she has seen what a one sided loveless marriage is like, and has no desire to go through that. Edward, knows that it is his duty to wed, and knows that with her pedigree and manner, she would be an acceptable wife, but little did he know that he would have to fight to win her hand and affections, and that he could awaken her deep passions and desires with his kiss. Despite her resistance of him, he is ever the more determined to claim her as his matter what it takes to win his bride....At The Dukes Pleasure is the third in this series by Tracy Anne Warren. I just recently started reading books from this author, and just adore them. At The Duke's Pleasure was such a witty and fun love story, yet the story line still had a serious tone to it as well, but I just loved how the author woven the characters and the story all together, such brilliance in her writing, I was so entranced from the very beginning and I could hardly put this book down. The characters were so vivid throughout the story, both have vulnerabilities that I felt I could relate to. A WONDERFUL STORY!!!

My Favorite Quote
"No, I told you before, you're the only woman that I want." His lips brushed across her forehead, then over her cheek with a gentle touch that was almost reverent. " The only woman I'll ever want"