Too Wicked to Wed

Too Wicked to Wed - Cara Elliott Quite some time ago I acquired this from the library, but at the time I hadn't time to read this, so when I saw it on the shelf once more I decided I needed to try it out, just to see if its as good as the reviews of this story I have read recently. This is the first time I have had a chance to read from this author, and I expected it to be a slow, hard to get into story....I do love it when I am proven wrong. From the first few pages, this story sinked its claws into me and wouldn't let go until the end.

We begin with Alexa stepping into a gaming hell trying to rescue her brother from his foolishness but comes across a dangerous man called the "Irish Wolfhound", who is the Earl of Killingsworth, has built up this business on his own but keeps it a secret from the Ton, since they would eat him alive if they ever found out. Alexa and Connor share a sensual embrace with plenty of steamy kisses and *sigh* makes me want to swoon kind of moment. Then we jump to four months later, we see Connor playing in a card game and trying to prove that a fellow man he is playing cards with is cheating, but in the end loses the game (which is practically unheard of for Connor). Then later that night he finds someone has broken in his safe and stolen all of his money, now he is in trouble. He suspects that something foul is going on, and needs to investigate it. Alexa is in need of something more out of her dull life in London, and seeks it in a gaming hell dressed as a man. Where she ends up winning half of the gaming hell in card game, and is forced to deal with Connor and the wicked delights his gaze promises. She ends up by his side in a whirl of danger and suspense and sensual passion. There is such a primal and intense connection between these two from the first, and I loved seeing these two almost battle it out, and in the end---was perfect, and totally satisfied me, and didn't leave me hanging or was too fast paced, I felt like it was wrapped up pretty nicely.

Connor is a very cynical man, dangerous at times, and hides who he truly is to everyone except for those closest to him. He is the type of hero who just want to melt at the sight of. The really sensual yet dangerous and exciting type, that gets the blood pumping. I felt energized when first seeing him on the pages. I couldn't help but just want to take him all in, he has the kind of personality that makes you want more of him. Now Alexa can be a endearing character for the most part. There wasn't any big issue I had with her as a character. I enjoyed seeing how see isn't afraid of Connor like most are. She is the fiery and passionate type of heroine, very independent and doesn't shy away from any danger. She can be bold at times, and I couldn't help but like that about her, even if at times a bit naive, but she was still a fun character that pushed Connor's buttons and I do love a heroine that brings the hero down a peg or two.

Overall I found Too Wicked To Wed a steamy and an exhilarating romance, full of danger and intrigue that is balanced out perfectly with the charming love story that is set out. I do love the suspense element that was put in the story, and only captivated this reader. With plenty of steamy scenes, stimulating characters, and a plot to arouse your senses. Loved this fun tale that made me ache for more from this author, and can't wait to read Gryff's story.