Secrets To Seducing A Scot

Secrets To Seducing A Scot - Michelle Marcos When Malcolm was just a boy, men stormed into his families home, and killed his parents and two of his brothers. He and the rest of his younger siblings were branded and separated. He hasn't heard about them since, and even though he has moved on with his life, he still wants to find them again. Now he hunts down traitors for the King and is considered to have to country that will recognize him. So he makes his own way, as a fierce warrior, bringing those of traitorous intent to justice. Serena loves the life of London, with the parties, and has enjoyed writing for the gossip column and the popularity. But when her father is called on a vital mission for Scotland, she knows with his heart condition that she must go with him, even though she doesn't want to. But when her life is in danger, her father hires Malcolm to be her guard and protector. In the beginning the last thing that Serena wants is to be followed constantly, but when a powerful desire erupts between Serena and Malcolm, she only wishes to stay in his embrace. This is the first book that I have had a chance to read from this author, and I can say I was delighted by how much I enjoyed it. It wasn't total love at first sight, but I found it to be a fun read that captured the history and passion of the time. This is the first in the series, about two brothers and two sisters who all become orphans and lose each other.

This first book is Malcolm's story, who is the oldest of them. He has lived a lonely life, only doing what he has needed to survive. He has a brand on his hand where everywhere can recognize him as one without country or home. He makes his living as a bounty hunter of sort for the government of England. Then he is asked to protect the Ambassador's daughter, since her life has been put in harms way. Serena, at first I thought was a bit phony (at least in the beginning) all she seemed to care about or even whine about is that she doesn't have enough to do like going to parties and such. Malcolm has no patience for such women, and he puts her in her place, and after that scene (which I was pretty much laughing my head off), she started to be more likable. She starts to realize what Scotland and its people are going through, and we see a different side to her. She instantly likes Malcolm and is determined to seduce him (which could be very amusing at times) and it was just fun to see these two fight together and fall in love. This story takes place in the Regency period, and the setting was quite different, but I liked it just the same. It was interesting how everything was put together, with the different twists and turns that gave it a intense feeling to it.

There was such a magical touch to it almost, it had a fresh outlook on things and I enjoyed the sizzling chemistry between Malcolm and Serena. A Passionate and memorable story, one which I found to be very moving at times. Fully Recommend it!!! :) Plus who can resist a book with a cover like that---a gorgeous man with only a kilt?