Dangerous Highlander

Dangerous Highlander - Donna Grant Cara lost her parents when she was just a girl, and was found by some villagers while wandering the forest.. Now she is a grown woman, and is planning on being a nun, when a child gets sick, she goes in search of herbs. But she also has a curiosity about MacLeod Castle, while getting too close, she ends up falling down a cliff, and is rescued by Lucan MacLeod. Lucan, and his brothers, are known among legends and myths. The only ones to survive a attack on their clan, and have god's put in them, and now Lucan has spent years imprisoned in this castle, fighting off warriors spent by their enemy, and now he can't let Cara go. For the first time in his life, he feels more alive and vibrant than ever. But when it become clear, that Cara has magic herself, he knows that he has dragged her into a world of danger and intrigue...but also a deep desire that will consume them...

Dangerous Highlander is the first installment in the Dark Sword series, but it does have connections to other series as well. One of the things that I loved most about this one, was the setting and style of the plot that we have set in place here. So its set in the 1600's Scotland, so we have a setting of medieval history relevance, but we also have a dark paranormal spin to the story as well, which always intrigues me, but this one is so different than other paranormal historical's I have had the opportunity to read. It has such a deeper feel to the story, and is pretty intense at times. The heat between Cara and Lucan is pretty sexy and hot, and sometimes I am in the mood for something softer, but in Dangerous Highlander, this story had exactly what I was looking for. It has some elements in the plot that are dark, but more in the paranormal element and the more see of the villain, the more you despise her.

This story has plenty of unique scenes that just wraps its way around you and make you sigh in that falling in love feeling. Lucan and Cara were such fun to see their story unfold, even though there is plenty of danger, you also see how these two have a bond from the beginning. I am really admiring this author and the way she has built this world of danger and passion and a story overwhelms you and you just can't let it go until the end. A story that will bring such intense emotions and will capture you heart and soul!! STUNNING IN EVERY DETAIL!!