Lachlan's Bride

Lachlan's Bride - Kathleen Harrington Lady Francine first takes notice of Lachlan when he steps into court, never has been seen such a virile man who takes her breath away. She also recognizes him as the Scottish Pirate and believes him to be a sorcerer. When it becomes known that he is to be her protector and escort to the wedding of the King of Scotland, she doesn't know if she will be able to resist his charm. Lachlan first notices Francine from the first moment he walks into court, the most beautiful lass. He is determined to show her the touch of a man, to seduce her in his bed before their journey is through. When he learns that there is a danger to Francine and her daughter he knows that he is the only one that can truly protect them and keep them from her. Even though their lives are in constant danger, Francine and Lachlan are forced to be together at all time, including in the same bedroom at night. Francine is seduced by his tender touches and fiery kisses that only inflame her body more and desire to be his forever.Lachlan's Bride is the second in the series, and this book took a while in the making from the first book. I haven't read anything from this author until now. I received this ARC from Edelweiss and Avon for a honest review. The one thing I had the hardest about reading this book, I think was the flow. Its the kind of read that is a comfortable read, but the first half of the book I had a hard time getting into. But I just knew I had to keep up with it, that I would enjoy it. Once I reached the second half of the book, I breathed a sigh of relief as I finally started to really enjoy it and was able to get into it fully. I definitely skimmed a bit in the first half unfortunately, but toward the end I started to enjoy it. I found the story to have a strong plot with enough mystery and action and sensuality to satisfy your senses. The characters were well acclimated into the story, but Francine was my least favorite. Throughout the story there is so much focus with her believing that Lachlan is some kind of sorcerer. She is very supersiticious and I found it to be a bit distracting at times. I found Lachlan to be ever patient with her, plus being one super sexy hero that I wouldn't mind having at my side. One of the aspects I enjoyed about this book is the time and place this story takes place. We see the type of culture and what they had to amuse themselves. I enjoyed seeing how this author put together the story with a variety of aspects that made for a likeable read. Even though it wasn't my favorite read, I did somewhat like it, and have good things about her other books, so I do plan on reading her other books.