Wicked in Your Arms

Wicked in Your Arms - Sophie Jordan After fighting many battles and wars along side his brother and their fellow country men, many have died more than half of their army, but they have come victors, but then his brother is killed, and Sevastian becomes the heir prince, with more duties and obligations than he ever wanted for himself. He knows his duty, to marry a woman of good bloodlines and with a lot of money; in order to save his country. So he comes to England to find just that, but the pickings are a bit slim, but there is one woman that may have a lot of money, but could never be his future queen, yet she stirs something in him he has never felt before and he can't help but be utterly fascinated and aches for more. Grier grew up in the country, but when her mother dies unexpectedly her birth father, a owner of a gambling hell, decides to put them in society, even though they have zero bloodlines worth anything, when Grier and her sister marry, the money that comes with them is sure to attract any male. Grier despises herself for putting up this ridiculous charade of being someone she isn't. She craves freedom, and knows that it is her duty to marry high, and when she first meets the prince, she finds him a boor and rude and would never go after him, since he doesn't seem to hold her in high esteem. But when they both end up at a country estate house party for a week, Grier wonders if she will be able to resist the temptation of one blissful night with him that would change her life forever.

I feel like every time I read a book from this author, I think to myself why did it take myself so long to read her. I have recently started reading more of her books, and the ones I have read so far, are some of my favorite romances. There is a certain way about her writing that captures your attentions from the first sentence. When I saw Wicked In Your Arms on the shelves at the library, I knew I had to pick it up, the cover alone is what really drew me, I love the vibrant yellows and oranges mixed in with the dark color of Grier's dress. Then when I read the blurb, I instantly put it in my bag. This story is the first in the series, and I do love a royal story, especially when in the beginning you wonder how they end up together, considering they are from two sides of the tracks right? Well it was pure bliss to read Grier and Sevastian's story.

We begin with Sevastian having just returned from the war, still wounded but seeking his grandfather, who expects him to marry well to rebuild their country up again. Still mourning the loss of his brother and with a huge heap of responsibilities he never though he would have to endure, he heads to England to procure a bride. Then it jumps to two months later, at a ball, where Grier, who is content to hide behind plants rather than talk nonsense with the ton, overhears a conversation not very flattering about herself and her sister, between a prince and his cousin, and lets just say the outcome was hilarious and the humorous tension that builds between Grier and Sevastian is very entertaining to say the least. In fact this is probably one of the more entertaining read I have had a chance to read in quite a while. Then they are put together in a house party for a week, and the conflict between them only escalates further. In the beginning they almost despise each other despite the fact they desire each other. Then we see a strong emotional connection as well builds between them, and despisement turns to passion which turns into a intense love story. It is almost like a roller coaster going through all these emotions along side the couple, A whirl of fun this story is.

Now I had a hard time choosing which characters I liked more Sevastian or Grier. Sevastian in the beginning seems to be very conceited and very rude but we see another side to him. We see the true character, what is beneath the tough protective exterior and to the delicious part of him. Sevastian is a royal, but he wishes he could have love and someone to really care for. He also knows the chances of finding that are slim. I enjoyed seeing the hard part of him soften toward Grier, and that's where it gets really emotional. Grier, just had my heart from the beginning, I felt it so easy to relate with her on a personal level. Grier has grown up riding astride horses, learning to fish and shoot, (nothing a proper woman should ever even think about), she likes to talk about real events instead of the weather or what needlepoint she is working on. I found her to be like a breath of fresh air. I also liked how resilient she is, pretty much everyone talks horribly behind her back, but she takes it all in stride, and puts a smile on her face even though inside she is hurting. I liked how brave she was and stood up to Sevastian constantly.

Overall I fell in love with Sevastian and Grier, and as we see their relationship progress, I couldn't help but love seeing these two together. The story was a whirlwind of fun, passion, a bit of danger, and a whole lot of intensity that only made for a astounding read. A SEXY read that only demonstrates Jordans wonderful storytelling talent that reaches out to the reader. DELIGHTFUL!!!